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Emulsified SBS polymer modified asphalt and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to an emulsified SBS polymer modified asphalt and preparation method thereof. At present, emulsification and emulsified modified asphalt applied to surfacing is hard to produce and not stable in quality, high temperature performance improvement is not obvious. The raw materials of the invention are matrix asphalt, water, SBS asphalt modifier, compound asphalt emulsifier, emulsification stabilizer and hydrochloric acid; firstly the matrix asphalt is heated, added with SBS asphalt modifier and then stirred to be swelled, high speed grinding by colloid grinder and full dispersion are carried out, and heat preservation growth is carried out to obtain SBS modified asphalt; compound asphalt emulsifier is added into water, emulsification stabilizer smoothened by water in advance is added, and appropriate hydrochloric acid is added to adjust pH value, so as to obtain liquid soap; and finally the SBS modified asphalt is subject to temperature reduction and then mixed with the liquid soap and emulsification dispersion is carried out, thus obtaining emulsified SBS polymer modified asphalt. The invention is applicable to coat tacking, coat sealing, surface treatment, slurry sealing and asphalt pavement recycling, asphalt wet-mixing of road construction and cerement asphalt mortar layer of passenger special line plate type unballasted track.

Steel blank grinding abrasion wheel adopting microcrystal ceramic bonding agents

The invention relates to a steel blank grinding abrasion wheel adopting microcrystal ceramic bonding agents, which is in a structure made of polycrystalline solid materials with the coexistence of glass and crystals and adopts the bonding agents of clay, feldspar, boron-containing microcrystal glass, pyrophyllite and soapstone to be made into high-intensity and low-shrinkage engineering ceramic bonding agents, good performance of the glass and the ceramics such as high mechnical intensity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and the like are integrated, then, the glass and the ceramics are combined with mixed grinding materials, a molding pressing method is adopted for the high-pressure double-side pressing process forming, the low-temperature firing is adopted, the positive pressure reducing atmosphere heat simulation crystallization is adopted at the 800 DEG C heat insulation section, and the mixed grinding material and micro porous glass phase high-intensity microcrystal engineering ceramic composite structure is formed, so the intensity and the bonding degree of the steel blank grinding abrasion wheel are greatly improved, the use linear speed of the abrasion wheel is accelerated, and the safety factor is high. The steel blank grinding abrasion wheel belongs to the novel efficient special steel blank grinding abrasion wheel with the characteristics that the intensity andthe hardness are high, the tissue density is uniform, the grinding ratio is great under the condition of high-speed grinding, workpieces can not be damaged through firing, and the automation of iron and steel industries is easy to realize.

Spraying-free toughened nylon 6 material and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a spraying-free toughened nylon 6 material and a preparation method thereof and belongs to the technical field of modification of high molecular materials. The material is prepared from 59.4 to 76.9 percent of nylon 6 resin, 10 to 15 percent of a toughening agent, 7 to 12 percent of a plasticizer, 3 to 6 percent of maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene, 0.2 to 0.6 percentof oxidized polyethylene wax, 0.2 to 0.5 percent of a flowing modifier, 0.2 to 0.5 percent of an antioxidant, 0.5 to 1.0 percent of a lubricant and 2 to 5 percent of metal master batch. According to the spraying-free toughened nylon 6 material disclosed by the invention, the maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene, the oxidized polyethylene wax, the flowing modifier and the plasticizer are added, the dispersity of the metal master batch in nylon 6 matrix resin and the compatibility between the metal master batch and the nylon 6 matrix resin are improved and the flowability of the material is improved, so that the problem in the prior art that flowing marks and welding marks are formed on the surface by a spraying material in a product injection molding process is avoided; the prepared spraying-free material has a metal texture which is the same as that in a traditional paint spraying technology and the problem that appearance of the spraying-free material is not good in actual application is solved.

Method for preparing mesophase pitch through catalytic cracking oil slurry hydrogenation reduction and co-carbonization

ActiveCN105238431ALow mesophase contentHigh content of mesophaseWorking-up pitch/asphalt/bitumen by chemical meansCarbonizationSlurry
The invention provides a preparation method of petroleum base mesophase pitch with even high mesophase content. The FCC oil slurry of naphthenic crude oil or intermediate base crude oil serves as the raw material, under the action of a catalyst, haloalkane is mixed with the raw material, the temperature is increased to range from 280 DEG C to 350 DEG C, the pressure ranges from 0 MPa to 2 MPa, reaction is conducted for 5-20 h, and modified oil is obtained. Distillate oil, obtained at the temperature higher than 400 DEG C, of the modified oil is taken, the distillate oil is mixed with a co-carbonization agent, the temperature ranges from 360 DEG C to 480 DEG C, the reaction pressure ranges from 4 MPa to 10 MPa, reaction is conducted for 2-10 h, and the high-quality mesophase pitch is obtained. According to the preparation method of the petroleum base mesophase pitch with the even high mesophase content, preparation technology is simple and easy to operate, the anisotropic structure of the prepared mesophase pitch is uniform, the mesophase content is high and larger than 96 percent, the softening point is low, the temperature ranges from 240 DEG C to 260 DGE C, and the spinnability is good.

Composite polypropylene wax used for plastic and preparation method of composite polypropylene wax

The invention relates to a production method for composite polypropylene wax used for plastic. The composite polypropylene wax comprises polypropylene low polymers, Fischer-tropsch wax or microcrystalline wax and industrial hydrogenated oil, and has the properties that the softening point is 100 DEG C or above, and the average molecular weight ranges from 1500 to 3000. As an excellent dispersing agent, on the aspects of color master production and pigment dispersion, the composite polypropylene wax produced through the method has the advantages that effective molecular weights are concentrated, wherein the molecular weights are narrowly distributed and concentrated, and therefore the dispersion effect and the coloring force are easily improved, and relatively speaking, the addition amount can be decreased under the certain dispersion requirement; the excellent heat resistance and the excellent thermal stability are achieved; the melting point and the viscosity matching are moderate, and the shearing force is facilitated, wherein the softening point is 110 DEG C, the high viscosity is 150 CP/140 DEG C, produced color master particles have high intermiscibility and mobility and moderate in viscosity, the shearing force is increased, and dispersity is improved.

Modified biological asphalt material, preparation method thereof and application of material

InactiveCN109735120AImprove carrying capacityGood deformation recoveryBuilding insulationsFiberSolvent
The invention belongs to the technical field of asphalt, and discloses a modified biological asphalt material, a preparation method thereof and an application of the material. The modified biologicalasphalt material comprises, by weight, 30-78 parts of biological asphalt, 10-15 parts of modified agents, 0.2-0.6 part of mineral fibers, 1-3 parts of stabilizing agents and 10-25 parts of solvents. According to the modified biological asphalt material, special modified agents are selected, softening points and viscosity of the biological asphalt are improved, high-temperature stability of the biological asphalt is improved, mineral fibers have excellent performances of high strength, corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance and the like, and deformation resistance of the biological asphalt is improved by the mineral fibers. According to the modified biological asphalt material, the biological asphalt is modified by adding the modified agents, the mineral fibers and the stabilizing agents, and high-temperature stability, low-temperature stability and deformation resistance of the biological asphalt are improved, so that the prepared modified biological asphalt material hasgood bearing capacity, deformation recovery capacity and high-temperature rut resistance.

Sedimentation support for bridge

InactiveCN101250850ANo need to expand the disposal areaRestoration Flatness IndexBridge structural detailsCompression deviceEngineering
The invention relates to a bridge settlement support, which comprises a product support, further comprises an upper settlement compression device which is located on the bottom portion of the product support, the device comprises an upper settlement body and a lower bottom basin, the upper settlement body comprises a top plate, an inner support plate and a middle carrier plate, the top plate is located at the lever direction, the middle carrier plate is fixed on the lower portion of the top plate and is parallel to the top plate through the inner support plate, the middle carrier plate is equipped with a plurality of rheological channels, the inner support plate comprises a ring plate and a baffle which is fixed in the ring plate to form a plurality of cavities, and the upper portion of the ring plate is equipped with a plurality of vent holes. The lower bottom basin comprises a bottom plate and an outer support plate which is fixed on the upper portion of the bottom plate, an overflow orifice is arranged between the bottom plate and the outer support plate, the outer support plate is a ring cylinder which is tightly sleeved on the outer side of the inner support plate, an electric heating disk is laid on the bottom plate, and a compression body is filled between the electric heating disk and the middle carrier plate. The bridge settlement support has the beneficial effects that the disease of bumping at bridge-head is effectively eliminated through that the self settlement drives the floor elevation reduce.
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