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Health-care feed and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a health-care feed and a preparation method of the health-care feed. The feed comprises the following ingredients in parts by weight: 43-85 parts of one or more of plant seed powder, plant straw powder and bran of seeds, 12-34.5 parts of plant oil cake, 0-16 parts of silkworm chrysalis or / and bone flour, 0-10.5 parts of minerals, and 1-2.5 parts of folium artemisiae argyl flavor powder. The preparation method comprises the steps: evenly mixing the plant seed powder or the plant straw powder or the bran of seed, the plant oil cake, the silkworm chrysalis or / and bone flour, and the minerals to obtain a mixture; removing impurities from the fresh folium artemisiae argyl, enabling the moisture of the fresh folium artemisiae argyl not to be higher than 10 percent, manufacturing the folium artemisiae by a feed crusher with 60-mesh screen holes into folium artemisiae argyl powder, and then conducting superfine grinding on the folium artemisiae argyl powder through a cell wall breaking machine to the grain size of 1-0.1mum, so as to make fine folium artemisiae argyl powder; and adding 1-2.5 parts in weight of the fine folium artemisiae argyl flavor powder into the mixture to obtain the health-care feed product. The health-care feed has the characteristics of low cost, high feeding efficiency, green initiative and environment friendliness, disease resistance, health-care and the like.

Orchard grass intercropping method

The invention relates to the technical field of agriculture, and provides an orchard grass intercropping method. The method comprises the following steps: zones are divided, wherein grass is planted between orchard lines, and straws are laid within a range of 0.5m from tree trunks; plowing is carried out, wherein an EM inoculant is spread to grass planting zone soil, and plowing is carried out after 20-30 days; seed soaking is carried out, wherein grass seeds are soaked with the EM inoculant for 4-12h, and are air-dried at a shaded and ventilated place; sowing is carried out, wherein a sprinkler irrigation treatment is carried out with a diluted composite bacterial fertilizer, and uniform sowing is carried out with a sowing amount of 12-15kg/Mu when the soil is moist; management is carried out, wherein watering is carried out after sowing, and sprinkler irrigation is carried out with a diluted EM inoculant when seedlings uniformly shoot; and maintenance is carried out, wherein a grass height is maintained at 10-20cm, and a mixture of trimmed-off grass and straws is laid within a range of a tree base. The method has water-retaining, fertilizer-retaining and drought-resisting functions. With the method, farm chemical is not applied, and the effect of green manure is good. Chemical fertilizer is saved, and disease degree can be reduced from the source. Soil salinization can be effectively ameliorated, and fruits can be green and organic.

Method for producing an environment-friendly enzyme organic fertilizer

The invention discloses a method for producing an environment-friendly enzyme organic fertilizer from kitchen waste, and belongs to the field of waste treatment. The process sequentially comprises the following steps: (1) preparing raw materials including brown sugar, the kitchen waste and water; (2) mixing the brown sugar and the water in a ratio and putting the mixed brown sugar and water in an airtight container with a cover, and uniformly stirring; (3) placing the kitchen waste in the mixed sugar solution in the step (2), uniformly stirring, and adequately mixing with the sugar solution to obtain a mixed solution; (4) adjusting the pH value of the mixed solution to 4-6 by a citric acid solution; (5) adding a strain, and uniformly stirring; (6) hermetically carrying out anaerobic fermentation for 3-6 months; (7) adding a stabilizer sodium chloride, and adequately and uniformly mixing to obtain a high-quality organic fertilizer; and (8) filtering the high-quality organic fertilizer, wherein supernatant is a liquid enzyme, and filter residue is an enzyme residue. In the method disclosed by the invention, the kitchen waste is used as a fermentation raw material, the fermentation speed is high, the yield is high, the yield of organic fertilizers is high, the operation is convenient and easy, and the environment friendliness is realized.

Chinese medicinal herb pre-mixture for preventing swine high fever

The invention discloses a Chinese herbal medicine premixed agent for curing swine high fever, which takes raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine such as astragalus root, codonopsis pilosula, honeysuckle flower, weeping forsythia, radix isatidis, folium isatidis, echinacea purpurea root, cicada shell, secretio bufonis, borneo camphor, vitamin C, enzymatic probiotics (licorice root, and medicated leaven), and garlicin, and the medicine is made into fine powder (200 orders) and is evenly mixed, 0.5 kilogram of the premixed agent is added to 100 kilograms of fodder ( basic daily grains) when in use. After the fodder is eaten by a pig, digestion and absorption of a pig can be advanced, appetite can be simulated, and growing speed can be increased, and daily weight gain reaches 1.81%, and the consumption of the fodder is reduced by 14%. The invention can play a role of health care, improve immune function and disease-resistant capacity of a pig, prevent and cure swine high fever reduce morbidity by 95%, and reduce death rate by 98%. And the invention has the advantages of extensive raw material source, low cost, and safety and innocuity, and does not generate drug resistance, which is an ideal Chinese herbal medicine premix substitution, and meat does not contain residual medicine.

Semi-dry rice field for imitating eel cultivating system and cultivating method thereof

ActiveCN105210969AAvoid eel escapesPrevent eels from escapingPisciculture and aquariaHorticultureCultural methodsMaggot
The invention discloses a semi-dry rice field for imitating eel cultivating system and a cultivating method thereof, wherein the semi-dry rice field comprises a rice field body; an external circle fence and an internal circle fence are set inside the rice field body; a field-surrounding fish ditch and a separating fish ditch are set inside the internal circle fence; the rice field body is divided by the separating fish ditch into a plurality of rearing units; an outer side of the rice field body is provided with a maggot auto generating collector; after the rice field body is disinfected and tested with water, rice is planted on each of the rearing units according to the semi-dry planting technology; in addition, aquatic plants and aquatic animals are put in the field-surrounding fish ditch and the separating fish ditch; and eels are cultivated while intercropping fish, escargots and loaches, thus providing rich live bait fodder; and maggots are also cultivated for providing fodder for the eels. By adopting the semi-dry rice field for cultivating eels, the beneficial effects are that the mutual beneficial relationship between the aquatic plants and the aquatic animals is fully utilized; various waste material can be used in circulation; and the quality of the produced eels and fish is the same with that of the wild eels and fish, thus the whole cultivating system and cultivating method are ecological and environmental-friendly and the economic benefits are high.

Environment-friendly, sanitary and saving type meat breeding duck fermentation bed raising house

The invention discloses an environment-friendly, sanitary and saving type meat breeding duck fermentation bed raising house and belongs to the technical field of poultry raising. The environment-friendly, sanitary and saving type meat breeding duck fermentation bed raising house is mainly characterized in that a breeding duck shed comprises a bottom inflation fermentation bed, and the bottom inflation fermentation bed comprises a fermentation bed cushion layer and an inflation fermentation system below the fermentation bed cushion layer; the fermentation bed cushion layer comprises a surface layer discrete padding layer with the thickness of 20 cm and a lower layer straw layer with the thickness ranging from 15 cm to 20 cm; the inflation fermentation system comprises an inflation power device and an inflation pipeline device connected with the inflation power device and located below the cushion layer. Due to the environment-friendly, sanitary and saving type meat breeding duck fermentation bed raising house, the problem that fermentation bed padding hardens because of biological characteristics of ducks is effectively solved, the aerobic degradation capacity of fermentation bed padding for dung of the breeding ducks is improved, emission of foul gas and greenhouse gas is reduced, and the aerobic degradation capacity for dung of the breeding ducks is improved; the water requirement in the drought raising stage is met by a drinking device and a spraying cleaning device, and meanwhile, consumption of water sources is reduced.

Premix feed capable of improving quality of mink fur and increasing feed utilization rate and preparation method of premix feed

The invention discloses a premix feed capable of improving the quality of mink fur and increasing the feed utilization rate, and also capable of increasing the digestibility of minks on nutrient substances of in a fur development period, and a preparation method of the premix feed. The premix feed is prepared from the following raw material components according to ratios based on one kilogram of the mixed feed: 240g-275g of corn protein powder, 18g-25g of compound vitamin B, 25g-30g of a compound enzyme preparation, 250000-300000IU of vitamin A, 12g-16g of vitamin C, 2000-2500IU of vitamin E, 50000-80000IU of vitamin D3, 0.6g-1.1g of vitamin K3, 15g-20g of DL-methionine, 18g-22g of L-lysine, 10g-14g of L-arginine, 0.5g-1g of D-biotin, 55g-70g of choline chloride, 20g-28g of methionine chelated iron, 10g-15g of methionine chelated copper, 30g-35g of methionine chelated manganese, 26g-30g of methionine chelated zinc, 5g-10g of sodium selenite, 5g-9g of cobalt acetate, 5g-8g of potassium iodide, 10g-15g of probiotics, 4g-6g of calcium pantothenate, 3g-6g of nicotinamide, 0.5g-1g of folic acid, 135g-150g of calcium dihydrogen phosphate, 30g-35g of sodium chloride and 245g-265g of puffed corn flour. The premix feed can be used for effectively increasing the digestibility of the minks on protein, fat and carbohydrates in the fur development period, reducing the diarrhea rate of the minks and improving the quality of the furs of the minks and the culture benefits.

Special rice fertilizer containing efficient silicon and preparation method of special rice fertilizer

InactiveCN104230533ARelieves symptoms of silicon deficiencyPromote growthFertilizer mixturesPhosphoric acidInsect pest
The invention discloses a special rice fertilizer containing efficient silicon and a preparation method of the special rice fertilizer, and belongs to the technical field of fertilizers in agricultural production. The fertilizer is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 40-55 parts of urea, 20-35 parts of calcium superphosphate, 10-25 parts of potassium chloride, 10-20 parts of potassium silicate, 1-5 parts of attapulgite powder, 0.2-1.2 parts of artemisia argyi extract, 0.2-0.8 part of radix peucedani extract and 0.5-1.5 parts of mint extract. The fertilizer disclosed by the invention is reasonable in nutrient matching, satisfies nutrient requirements and absorption characteristics of rice growth, and capable of promoting rice growth, increasing the rice yield, improving the lodging resistance and the insect resistance of the rice and lowering the lodging and insect pest risks. Besides, the traditional Chinese medicine extract in the fertilizer can be used for inhibiting the growth of rice sheath blight disease, rice blast and ustilaginoidea virens and lowering the rice disease harm. The fertilizer is applied once along with soil preparation before rice seedling transplanting, so that the utilization rate of the fertilizer is increased, and the fertilizer-application labor cost and fertilizer cost of the rice farmers are lowered.

Feed mildew-removal agent used for livestock

The invention relates to a feed mildew-removal agent used for solving the mildew problem of a feed. The mildew-removal agent used for livestock comprises the following ingredients by weight: 0.5-2.0 parts of cinnamaldehyde, 0.5-3.0 parts of dried orange peel, 0.5-2.0 parts of clove, 0.5-2.0 parts of litsea cubeba, 0.5-2.0 parts of lindera glauca, 0.3-1.0 parts of anisic acid, 0.5-2.0 parts of artemisia capillaries, 0.5-2.0 parts of tarragon, 0.5-3.0 parts of sweet wormwood, 0.5-2.0 parts of wild chrysanthemum flower, 0.5-4.0 parts of rehmanniae radix, 0.5-2.0 parts of ligustrum lucidum, 0.5-2.0 parts of gynura bicolor, 1.0-5.0 parts of semen plantaginis, 0.3-1.0 parts of honeysuckle flower, 1.0-5.0 parts of dandelion, 0.5-2.0 parts of Chinese angelica, 1.0-5.0 parts of sheareria nana, 1.0-5.0 parts of rheum officinale and 2.0-20.0 parts of montmorillonite. The feed mildew-removal agent contains abundant Chinese herbal medicines and trace elements, which can supplement the requirement of the growth of the livestock, promote the growth of the livestock and increase the immunity of the livestock. The feed mildew-removal agent has good adsorptivity and disinfection performance to mildew and can effectively reduce the opportunity of mildew in the livestock, thereby the incidence of disease for livestock due to feed can be reduced, and the feed mildew-removal agent is very suitable for modern breeding industry.

Wet type dog food used for preventing eye diseases of older dogs

The invention relates to a pet food and particularly relates to a wet type dog food used for preventing eye diseases of older dogs. The wet type dog food is prepared from the following components: meat, vegetables, fruits, calcium lactate, vitamins, shrimp shell powder, wolfberry fruit extract, honeysuckle extract, wild chrysanthemum flower extract, yeast extract, rosemary extract, egg white powder, bovine bone powder, pork livers, threonine, lycopene, lysine, potassium sorbate, deep sea fish oil, animal oil, calcium hydrogen phosphate, gelatin, edible essence, sweet potato powder, vitamin C, a food additive and the balance of milk. The wet type dog food can be used for improving the organism immunity of pets, lowering blood lipid, promoting metabolism and other efficacy, delaying cell ageing, promoting the growth of new hairs, lowering the morbidity of skin diseases, clearing away heat and toxic materials, resisting bacteria and diminishing inflammation, reducing tear increasing caused by the fact that lacrimal glands and naso-lacrimal ducts are abnormal and alleviating eye discomfort; and the wet type dog food contains rich vitamin D and calcium, and calcium lactate and vitamin D are matched with glucosamine, so that the absorption of the calcium can be facilitated.

Compound type natural plant feed additive and application

The invention discloses a compound type natural plant feed additive which is a composition prepared by mixing a plant essential oil compound, elecampane, houttuynia cordata, wadalee-gum-trees and a carrier in a weight ratio of (3-5): (10-20): (15-30): (30-50): (10-20), wherein the plant essential oil compound is prepared by mixing 5-10 parts of cinnamon oil, 5-10 parts of thyme oil and 3-5 parts of lemon-grass oil. An application method is that the adding amount is 0.03-0.5% of the total weight of feed and the compound type natural plant feed additive is directly added into livestock and poultry and aquatic animal feed; or the compound type natural plant feed additive is mixed with the carrier to prepare a pre-mixing agent; or the compound type natural plant feed additive is mixed with other feed additives or feed raw materials to prepare pre-mixed feed and concentrated feed to feed the livestock and poultry and aquatic animals. The compound type natural plant feed additive disclosed by the invention has the outstanding advantages that the feed additive is prepared from natural plant components and has the advantages of high safety and no drug resistance; and the compound type natural plant feed additive can effectively replace antibiotics and meets a healthful aquaculture development direction. The additive can accelerate the growth of animals, improves the feed conversion efficiency and reduces the disease incident.

Preventing and treating method for grape root-knot nematode disease

The invention relates to a preventing and treating method for a grape root-knot nematode disease. The method includes the steps that 1, ecological treatment is performed, wherein Difulai microorganism fertilizer is applied, and HYT microorganism fertilizer is applied; 2, agricultural prevention and treatment are performed; 3, in quarantine inspection, quarantine inspection is performed strictly, seedlings are not introduced from the diseased region to be planted, and if it is necessary to introduce the seedlings from the diseased region to be planted, the seedlings should be strictly sterilized and soaked in hot water of 50 DEG C for 10 minutes; 4, physical prevention and treatment are performed; 5, biological control is performed; 6, chemical prevention and treatment are performed, wherein 1500-2000 g of 10% fosthiazate granules per mu are applied in holes in transplanting or mixed with fine soil to be applied in furrows after planting. In this way, the grape root-knot nematode disease can be effectively prevented, meanwhile, agricultural prevention and treatment, physical prevention and treatment and other measures are taken to perform comprehensive prevention and treatment to lower the average incidence of the grape root-knot nematode disease, the yield is increased, the grape grade is remarkably increased, and good economic benefits are achieved.
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