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Intelligent mood adjustment instrument

The invention provides an intelligent mood adjustment instrument which comprises a human body parameter detection module, a music player, a first structured query language (SQL) data bank, a second SQL data bank, a modeling module and a control module. The first SQL data bank is used for recording physiological parameter data, the second SQL data bank is used for recording classified music files, the modeling module is used for building a mathematical model between the physiological parameter data and mood, and the control module converts the physiological parameter data collected by the human body parameter detection module into obtained corresponding mood value, selects the music files of the second SQL data bank, and automatically transmits the music files to the music player to be played. After playing of the selected music files is completed, the control module again chooses the music files according to the physiological parameter data. Compared with the prior art, the intelligent mood adjustment instrument enables music treatment to be automatic, an automatic closed loop control system is utilized to take samples of heartbeat frequency of a patient in a real-time mode and analyze mood conditions, suitable music is automatically played, and mood of a user is gradually adjusted to achieve the best level.

Traditional Chinese medicine composition for tonifying the kidney yang

The invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine composite in the field of Chinese herba preparations which nourish kidney yang. The technical scheme is that the composite consists of raw materials with the parts by weight as follows: 20 to 30 parts of ginseng, 10 to 20 parts of cinnamon, 20 to 30 parts of morinda offcinalis, 15 to 20 parts of dodder seed, 20 to 30 parts of human placenta, 10 to 20 parts of Chinese caterpillar fungus, 10 to 20 parts of cornu cervi pantotrichum, 20 to 30 parts of hippocampi, 20 to 30 parts of desertliving cistanche, 25 to 30 parts of rehmanniae vaporata, 10 to 20 parts of medicinal cyathula root, 20 to 30 parts of songaria cynomorium herb, 20 to 30 parts of short horned epimedium, 20 to 30 parts of astragalus hoangtchy, 15 to 20 parts of angelica, 20 to 30 parts of cortex eucommiae, 15 to 20 parts of licorice, 10 to 15 parts of radices saussureae, 20 to 25 parts of fructus lycii and 20 to 30 parts of cornus officinalis. The compatibility of the invention can tonifying qi and lifting yang, warm the interior and disperse the coldness, tonify the kidney and strengthen yang, encourage sperm and tonify marrow, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and dispersing stagnated hepatoqi. The composite has very good curing and nourishing effects on impotence, spermatorrhea and frequent micturition which are caused by impotence due to deficiency of the kidney, softening of bones and muscles, insufficiency of kidney-yang and loss of essence and blood and can enhance the autoimmunity.

Antibiotic-free weaned-piglet complete feed and preparing method thereof

The invention discloses an antibiotic-free weaned-piglet complete feed and a preparing method thereof. The antibiotic-free weaned-piglet complete feed is antibiotic-free efficient complete feed capable of meeting the nutritional requirements of weaned piglets, promoting digestion and using of nutrient substances, improving the immunity function and the resistance of piglet bodies and reducing the diarrhea rate. The preparing method includes the steps that in the formula proportion, weighed corn, weighed high protein bean pulp and weighed extruded soybeans are smashed to be subjected to first-time high-temperature pelletizing, thin smashing is carried out after pellets cool, then weighed imported fish meal, weighed calcium hydrophosphate, weighed mountain flour, weighed salt, weighed soybean oil, weighed whey powder, weighed feed grade lysine, weighed methionine, weighed threonine, weighed premixed materials for the weaned piglets and compounded Chinese herbal medicine are mixed to be even, then second-time low-temperature pelletizing is carried out, cooling is carried out, then a finished product is packed, and the weaned piglets can be directly fed. Particles of the weaned-piglet feed produced with the preparing method are good in filling power, low in hardness, good in water dissolving performance, high in nutritive value, good in palatability, sanitary and safe, the diarrhea rate is reduced, the feed use ratio of the weaned piglets is increased, the production performance of the weaned piglets is improved, and antibiotic harm is avoided.

Preparation method of natural pine pollen Liupu tea

The invention relates to a preparation method of tea and in particular to a preparation method of natural pine pollen Liupu tea. The method comprises the following steps: picking tea leaves, removing moisture from the tea leaves, primarily rolling, heaping for fermentation, rolling secondarily, drying, blending and piling for fermentation, steaming and pressing, and ageing. According to the preparation method of the natural pine pollen Liupu tea, due to addition of natural pine pollen powder in the preparation process of the the natural pine pollen Liupu tea, the prepared natural pine pollen Liupu tea has the functions of resisting fatigue, strengthening the brain, adjusting the intestines and stomach and improving the autoimmunity of a human body in addition to having the intrinsic functions of relieving summer heat, eliminating dampness, tonifying the spleen, appetizing and aiding digestion, and the natural pine pollen Liupu tea has mellow and refreshing taste, is smooth and delicious, and has the beneficial effects of beautifying, clearing away heat and toxic materials, adjusting the intestines and stomach, warming the stomach, invigorating the stomach to attain mental tranquility, improving the autoimmunity of the human body, and losing weight for fitness after long-term drinking.
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Guanyin tea preparation method

The present invention discloses a guanyin tea preparation method comprising the following steps: picking Tieguanyin fresh leaves; grading the raw material for fine selection; spreading for cool; sunning of the green leaf; rocking of the green leaf; rolling; fermenting; first stir-frying for fixing; second stir-frying for fixing; packed rolling; deblocking to remove powder; passing through fire; packed rolling for forming; roasting to dry enough; sieving sorting and packaging. The guanyin tea preparation method is improved based on the traditional Tieguanyin tea preparation process, in the whole process, traditional Chinese medicine liquid spraying treatment is performed, the self flavor of guanyin tea is retained, the guanyin tea has the effects of clearing heat and cooling blood, purging fire for removing toxin, lowering blood pressure, benefitting qi and blood, and improving the body's autoimmunity, the traditional Chinese medicine liquid also contains beta-glucosidase, the sugar conversion rate is improved, compared with tea without enzyme treatment, the obtained Tieguanyin tea is more smooth and slippery in mouthfeel, tastes more sweet, is faster in sweetness after taste, can effectively improve the Tieguanyin tea quality, and further increases the economic benefits of the tea.

Method for preparing fresh lycium ruthenicum granule medicinal granules from fresh lycium ruthenicum

The invention relates to a method for preparing fresh lycium ruthenicum granule medicinal granules, in particular to a method for preparing fresh lycium ruthenicum granule medicinal granules from fresh lycium ruthenicum. The method is characterized by comprising the following steps of firstly, cleaning fresh lycium ruthenicum which is just picked, performing color protection, performing pulping to obtain fruit juice, and then adding the fruit juice and fruit flesh to a colloid mill and a nanoscale superhigh pressure homogenizing machine for wet grinding so as to obtain homogenate; and compounding the homogenate, performing spray drying, and finally, mixing lycium ruthenicum atomized powder with an adhesive for preparing granules, performing drying and then performing packaging. The fresh lycium ruthenicum granule medicinal granules made by the method disclosed by the invention have the functions and pharmacological action of reducing blood lipid, improving immune function, reliving weariness, resisting ageing and the like, particularly have notable effects in respects of resisting oxidation, resisting ageing, and improving immunity of organisms, can reserve activity of functional components to the maximum extent, and are convenient to drink and suitable for various crowds to drink.

Traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating acute sinusitis and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating acute sinusitis and a preparation method thereof. The traditional Chinese medicine composition comprises an oral medicine and an external-use medicine. The oral medicine comprises the following raw materials: fortune eupatorium herb, Chinese angelica, biond magnolia flower, manchurian wildginger, long pepper, small centipeda herb, Siberian cocklour fruit, honeysuckle flower, suberect spatholobus stem, lilac pink herb, ginseng leaves, astragalus root, coptis, gentian root, lycium berry, pueraria root, arctium fruit, prunella spike, feather cockscomb seeds, radix liriopes, dendrobium, silybum marianum, rhizoma polygonati, radix acanthopanacis senticosi and licorice root; and the external-use medicine comprises the following raw materials: the biond magnolia flower, the manchurian wildginger, the long pepper, the small centipeda herb, the Siberian cocklour fruit, perilla leaves, mint, ephedra, lygodium spore, ligusticum root, Yuzhou uniflower swisscentaury root, achyranthes root, cowherb seeds, folium ilicis purpurea, radix bupleuri, cornu bubali, Japanese ampelopsis root, coptis, akebia fruit, tangerine peel, musk and the licorice root. The traditional Chinese medicine composition has the advantages that the efficiency for treating the acute sinusitis is high, the time of taking effect is faster, the pain of a patient can be quickly relieved within a short time, the cure rate is high, and the recurrence rate is low.
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