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Manganese-based catalyst for volatile organic compound governance, and preparation and application thereof

The invention discloses a manganese-based catalyst for volatile organic compound governance, and preparation and application thereof. The manganese-based catalyst is prepared from manganese oxide and other transition metal oxides, wherein the mass fraction of the manganese oxide is smaller than 60 percent; the mass fraction of the other transition metal oxides is greater than 40 percent; the other transition metal oxides are pure MxOy; M is Co, Ce, Cr or include Co3O4 and MxOy; M is Ce and Cr; wherein x is greater than or equal to 1 but smaller than or equal to 3, and y is greater than or equal to 1 but smaller than or equal to 4. The invention further discloses a preparation method of the manganese-based catalyst, and the method is an oxalate colloidal state coprecipitation method. In the volatile organic compound governance, the disclosed manganese-based catalyst shows the characteristics of high activity, long service life, high anti-sintering capability and the like on benzene catalytic combustion reaction. The optimum catalyst can realize the complete combustion of stable-structure representative model substrate benzene in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) at the temperature being lower than 230 DEG C under the reaction conditions of normal pressure and the air speed being 30000 mL/(gh); the performance is comparable with the performance of the heavy metal catalyst.

Hydrated calcium silicate as well as preparation method thereof and concrete anti-freeze agent containing the same

The invention relates to a calcium silicate hydrate and a preparation method thereof and concrete antifreezing agent containing the calcium silicate hydrate, which pertains to the field of construction materials and manufacturing method thereof. The invention solves the problems of antifreezing agent in existing market of poor durability of concrete, steel-bar corrosion, alkaline aggregate reaction, etc., caused by large quantity of salt content in the concrete antifreezing agent. The calcium silicate hydrate is made from calcareous material, siliceous material and water. The preparation method comprises the steps that: the calcareous material and the siliceous material are evenly mixed and grinded and added with water to prepare pasty material, which goes through heat reaction at 1 to 3atm for 2 to 5h. The concrete antifreezing agent containing the calcium silicate hydrate is made of the calcium silicate hydrate, antifreezing components, water reducing components, air entraining components and fly ash. The calcium silicate hydrate uses seed crystal hydration to improve the hydration of the concrete, which leads set cement to be more impact and the long-term property of the concrete not to be reduced. The antifreezing agent of the invention does not contain chloride salts, reduces the damage effect of the steel-bar corrosion caused by mixing the chloride salts with the concrete when in construction during winter period and greatly reduces the salt content in the concrete.

Method utilizing calcium carbide slag as raw material to produce gypsum crystal whisker

The invention relates to a method utilizing calcium carbide slag as a raw material to produce a gypsum crystal whisker, and belongs to the field of inorganic material preparation and solid waste comprehensive utilization. The method utilizing calcium carbide slag as the raw material to produce the gypsum crystal whisker is characterized by comprising the following steps: (1) drying, ball milling and calcining the calcium carbide slag; (2) enabling the obtained calcium carbide slag to react with dilute sulfuric acid after the calcining treatment step, and washing and centrifuging the precipitation product; (3) mixing the solid obtained in the step (2) with water to prepare size, adding a crystal aid with a certain mass fraction in the size, transferring the mixed solution in a hydrothermal reaction kettle to carry out hydrothermal reaction, and washing, centrifuging and drying the product after the hydrothermal reaction to obtain the gypsum crystal whisker product prepared by taking the calcium carbide as the raw material. The method is mild in reaction conditions, simple in process, flexible in operation, and easy for industrial production. The prepared gypsum crystal whisker is large in draw ratio and good in reinforcing performance.

Method for preparing graphene solution based on supercritical carbon dioxide induction solution phase transformation technology

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The invention belongs to the technical field of graphene preparation, and particularly discloses a method for preparing a graphene solution based on a supercritical carbon dioxide induction solution phase transformation technology. The method comprises the following steps: dispersing 25-50mg of graphite and 100-200mg of polyvinyl pyrrolidone into 5-10ml of water or ethanol; putting a dispersion liquid in a supercritical carbon dioxide reaction device; stirring the dispersion liquid at the temperature of 40-45 DEG C and under the pressure of 6-20MPa for reacting for 0.5-7 hours; after the reaction ends, releasing the pressure to the normal pressure; and removing non-stripped graphite from a reaction liquid to obtain the graphene solution. By adopting the method, the problem of difficulty in preparing high-concentration non-defective graphene at present is solved, and high-yield and high quality preparation and functionalization of the graphene are finished in one step. The method is simple and feasible, raw materials are cheap and readily-available, environmental protection is facilitated, and pollution is prevented. Meanwhile, by adopting the polyvinyl pyrrolidone for modifying the graphene with a non-covalent bond, the surface of the graphene contains polymer groups, and the structure of the graphene is not damaged. The graphene solution has very good development prospects in the fields of graphene composite materials, photoelectric functional materials, biological medicine and the like.
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