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Polyacrylonitrile modified starch nano-fiber and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a polyacrylonitrile modified starch nano-fiber and a preparation method thereof. The method comprises the following steps: preparing a starch grafted acrylonitrile polymer; dissolving the polymer into an organic solvent to prepare an electrostatic spinning liquid; and preparing the polyacrylonitrile modified starch nano-fiber by adopting an electrostatic spinning process, wherein (1) gelatinizing starch in an aqueous solution under N2 protection, and initiating the acrylonitrile to perform free radical polymerization with ceric ammonium nitrate under an acid condition to obtain a starch grafted acrylonitrile; (2) preparing electrostatic spinning liquid from the substance obtained in the step (1) for electrostatic spinning; and (3) preparing the polyacrylonitrile modified starch nano-fiber by adopting an electrostatic spinning process under a condition that the spinning environment temperature is 30-60 DEG C. The polyacrylonitrile modified starch nano-fiber preapred by adopting the method has a diameter of 80-600nm, and has relatively uniform diameter, does not have beading or fracturing; and the hydrophobic property, spinning property and film forming property of the material can be reinforced.

Multifunctional high-polymer prodrug nano-scale drug delivery system as well as preparation method and use thereof

The invention discloses a multifunctional high-polymer prodrug nano-scale drug delivery system as well as a preparation method and use thereof. A multifunctional high-polymer is characterized in that polyglutamy sodium glutamate is bonded with an anti-cancer drug, namely paclitaxel, so as to form a high-polymer prodrug PGG-PTX, and then the high-polymer prodrug PGG-PTX is linked with a T1 contrast agent Gd-DTPA through a peptide bond to form PGG-PTX-DTPA-Gd; and the multifunctional high-polymer has a structure represented by the following formula (shown in the description) and is clinically applied to the non-invasive diagnosis of neuclear magnetic resonance imaging on solid tumors. The nano-scale drug delivery system is characterized in that the system is of a sphere with a particle size of 30nm-40nm; free Gd-DTPA and PGG-PTX are linked together through the peptide bond, so that the relaxation rate of free Gd-DTPA is increased from 3.87nM<1>S<1> to 18.98nM<1>S<1> and is increased by 4.9 times; a high-polymer prodrug can form nano-particles in water through self-assembling, so that the water solubility and biocompatibility of the drug are improved, and the treatment effect and bioavailability of the drug are increased; the system can be applied to intravenous injection and can be passively targeted to tumors by virtue of a tumor EPR effect and has an obvious inhibition effect to the growth of lung cancer tumors; and the system can be applied to the integrated diagnosis and treatment of tumors.

Difunctional-group-modified chitosan derivative and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a difunctional-group-modified chitosan derivative and a preparation method thereof. The chitosan derivative has a molecular structural formula (I) shown as in the description. According to the preparation method, chitosan is reacted with thiourea trioxide and arginine, respectively, under a certain condition to obtain the difunctional-group-modified chitosan derivative. The difunctional-group-modified chitosan derivative is treated through a deionized water dialytic method to remove micromolecular by-products or impurities for sample purification. The dialyzed aqueous solution is dried through freeze drying to obtain the final product. Chitosan is subjected to difunctional modification, and guanidine radicals and arginine modify the molecular chain of chitosan at the same time, so that chitosan is endowed with excellent antibacterial property and better biological safety. The preparation method is mild in reaction condition and suitable for industrial production. The modified derivative is good in water solubility and greatly improved in antibacterial effect, is excellent in biological safety, is a high-quality natural polysaccharide-modified green antibacterial material, and has great development prospects in the market.
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