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Berberine electrostatic composite and preparation method of berberine electrostatic composite

The invention discloses a berberine electrostatic composite and a preparation method of the berberine electrostatic composite, which are applied to medical and health industries. The berberine electrostatic composite is prepared from anionic surfactant and berberine or berberine salt by compositing; the molar ratio of the anionic surfactant to the berberine or berberine salt is 1 to 0.5-10; the molar ratio of anion to the berberine salt is 1 to 1; the anionic surfactant is one or more of alkyl sulfate or alkyl sulfonate or fatty acid salt; the alkyl sulfate is one or more of sodium cholesteryl sulfate, lauryl sodium sulfate and deoxysodium cholate; the alkyl sulfonate is one or more of sodium heptanesulfonate and sodium dodecyl sulfate; the fatty acid salt is one or more of sodium caprate and sodium enanthate, and the berberine and berberine salt are obtained by chemical synthesis or by extracting traditional Chinese medicine. The berberine is prepared into the berberine electrostatic composite to increase the biological membrane penetrating ability of the berberine and improve the oral bioavailability of the berberine, and the berberine electrostatic composite plays a significant treatment role on important chronic metabolic disorder diseases such as diabetes mellitus, complication of the diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia and the like.

Synthesis method of hydroxyoximate

The invention relates to a synthesis method of hydroxamate. The hydroxamate is synthesized from fatty acid, short chain alcohol, dodecyl sulfonic acid, hydroxylamine hydrochloride and caustic alkali by two steps; and the synthesis method comprises the following steps of adding fatty acid, short chain alcohol and dodecyl sulfonic acid into a reactor, stirring and reacting at a constant temperature of 75 DEG C-100 DEG C; carrying out reduced pressure distillation on the reactants to obtain fatty acid ester; adding hydroxylamine hydrochloride into another reactor, adding caustic alkali in batches while stirring, and mixing; adding fatty acid ester and reacting for 3-5 hours at 40 DEG C-60 DEG C to obtain a hydroxamate solution; and rapidly cooling the hydroxamate solution to obtain the solid hydroxamate. By the synthesis method, the conversion between acid-alkali environment for the esterification and hydroximation two-step reaction is avoided, the synthesized product needs not to be subjected to processing steps such as acidification, impurity removal and purification and the obtained product can be organically combined with flotation industry. The synthesis method has the advantages that the operation is simple, the yield of the product is high, the generation of a large amount of acidic wastewater is avoided and the cost of chemical agents is effectively decreased.

Heavy metal cadmium, lead and arsenic compound contaminated soil restorative agent and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a heavy metal cadmium, lead and arsenic compound contaminated soil restorative agent. The heavy metal cadmium, lead and arsenic compound contaminated soil restorative agent is prepared from the following components in percentage by weight: 30-50 percent of biomass charcoal, 5-10 percent of diatomite, 5-10 percent of sodium bentonite, 5-10 percent of activated aluminum oxide, 10-20 percent of dithiocar-bamate, 5-10 percent of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, 5-10 percent of tartaric acid, 5-10 percent of polyacrylamide and 5-10 percent of sodium dodecyl sulfate. A preparation method for the heavy metal cadmium, lead and arsenic compound contaminated soil restorative agent comprises the following steps: mixing the biomass charcoal, diatomite, sodium bentonite, activated aluminum oxide, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, tartaric acid, polyacrylamide and sodium dodecyl sulfate in mass proportion to obtain a mixture; and adding the dithiocar-bamate into the mixture in corresponding mass proportion to sufficiently mix uniformly, thereby obtaining the prepared soil restorative agent. The prepared soil restorative agent has good effect in restoring the cadmium, lead and arsenic compound contaminated soil.

Nanometer carboxylated polystyrene microsphere with spacer arm and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN102492075ASmall steric hindranceHigh coupling ratePotassium persulfateMicrosphere
The invention relates to a nanometer carboxylated polystyrene microsphere with a spacer arm and a preparation method thereof. A nanometer carboxylated polystyrene microsphere A is prepared by taking styrene and acrylic acid as a mixed monomer, taking water as a reaction medium, taking potassium persulfate as an initiator and taking sodium dodecyl sulfate as an emulsifier with an emulsion polymerization method. In the presence of EDC (Ethylidene Dichloride) serving as a coupling agent and Sulfo NHS, 4-aminobutyric acid, 6-amidocaproic acid or 8-aminocaprylic acid is connected to the surface of the microsphere, so that the nanometer carboxylated polystyrene microsphere with the spacer arm is prepared. The spacer arm is introduced into the surface of the nanometer microsphere, so that the steric hindrance of a coupling macromolecule is lowered, the activity and utilization ratio of the macromolecule are increased, and a nonspecific interaction between the macromolecule and the polystyrene microsphere is reduced. Meanwhile, the grain diameter of the microsphere can be adjusted by adjusting the using amount of the emulsifier, the length of the space arm and surface density, so that the nanometer microsphere has a wide application prospect in the fields of immune diagnosis, solid phase extraction and the like when serving as a carrier as well as a template.

Self-repairing concrete and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN110240457AImprove crack resistanceReduce initial widthFiberDodecylsulfonic acid
The invention discloses self-repairing concrete and a preparation method thereof. The self-repairing concrete comprises the following raw materials, in parts by weight: 200-300 parts of cement, 350-450 parts of sand, 800-1000 parts of gravel, 60-100 parts of water, 60-80 parts of sodium alginate, 35-55 parts of calcium chloride, 10-20 parts of sodium dodecyl sulfonate, 35-55 parts of hydroxymethyl cellulose, 40-60 parts of anti-cracking fibers, 10-20 parts of a silane coupling agent, 5-10 parts of a water reducing agent, 15-30 parts of calcium oxide and 20-30 parts of repair capsules; and the preparation method comprises the following steps: mixing the cement, the sand, the gravel, the sodium alginate and the hydroxymethyl cellulose under stirring, adding the sodium dodecyl sulfonate, the anti-cracking fibers and the silane coupling agent, performing mixing under stirring for 10-20 min, adding the water reducing agent and the water, performing stirring for 40-50 min, adding the calcium chloride and the calcium oxide, performing stirring for 20-30 min, finally adding the repair capsules, and performing stirring to obtain the self-repairing concrete. The self-repairing concrete provided by the invention has the advantages that the raw materials for preparing the concrete are easy to obtain, the construction is convenient, cracks of the concrete can be subjected to self repairing and the strength is higher after the cracks are repaired.

Photonic crystal microsphere as well as preparation method and application thereof

ActiveCN104193906AGood optical performanceThin thickness and high light transmissionFluorescence/phosphorescencePhotoinitiatorDodecylsulfonic acid
The invention discloses a photonic crystal microsphere as well as a preparation method and an application thereof. The photonic crystal microsphere comprises a photonic crystal inner core and a polymer outer shell, wherein the inner core is a suspension of polystyrene-poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide)polymer nanoparticles, the average particle diameter of the nanoparticles is between 110nm and 190nm; and the outer shell is hydrophobic photoinitiator resin of which the thickness is between 30mu m and 50 mu m. The preparation method comprises the following steps: (1) evenly mixing styrene, N-isopropyl acrylamide and sodium dodecyl sulfate with an initiator and carrying out emulsion polymerization reaction to obtain the suspension; (2) forming monodispersed emulsion droplets with core-shell structures under the action of the shearing force of an aqueous solution of a continuous phase by virtue of a microfluidic control technique, wherein the suspension is adopted as an internal phase, the resin monomer and an initiator system are adopted as intermediate phases; and (3) polymerizing and curing the resin monomer by virtue of UV irradiation. The photonic crystal microsphere is applied in bio-molecule detection and coding and has the advantages of good stability, bright color and high recognition.

Nano-silver-containing adhesive and using method of adhesive in technical wood

The invention relates to the field of nanometer materials, and particularly relates to nano-silver-containing adhesive and a using method of the adhesive in technical wood. The nano-silver-containing adhesive is characterized in that nano-silver is uniformly applied to an environmentally friendly glue solution, and flour is used as an additive of glue. A preparation method of the nano-silver comprises the following steps: adding a sodium dodecyl sulfate solution and a hydrazine hydrate solution to a silver nitrate solution so as to obtain mixed liquid, and adding crown ether and an alkali metal-containing reducing agent to the mixed liquid, wherein the molar ratio of the crown ether to the silver nitrate is (1-2): 1, the molar ratio of the alkali metal-containing reducing agent to the silver nitrate is (0.5-1): 1; and controlling a pH value to 8-9, thus obtaining the nano-silver. The using method of the adhesive comprises the following steps: bonding decorative veneer and a base material through the nano-silver-containing adhesive, then feeding into a vacuum tank, and vacuumizing; then carrying out pressurizing treatment; carrying out microwave treatment; and finally taking out, and carrying out cold pressing and hot pressing. The nano-silver-containing adhesive provided by the invention has good stability, dispersity and adhesiveness.

Method for synthesizing silicon dioxide hollow sphere with mesoporous channel controlled by dodecyl sulfonic acid sodium salt

InactiveCN101143724AFacilitate internal and external transmissionIncrease storage capacitySilicon oxidesCeramicwareMesoporous materialSilicon dioxide
The invention belongs to an inorganic mesoporous material area, in particular to a preparation method of a controllable silica hollow sphere material in a certain diameter range. The anionic surfactant sodium dodecyl sulfonate (SDS) controls the synthesis of spherical wall, which is provided with mesoporous channels and narrow distribution of diameter. The invention uses block copolymer and sodium dodecyl sulfonate as mixing template; with the addition of silicon source, the sol is formed after mixing; under the acid condition, through the agitating and aging treatment, after hydrothermal process, filtering and drying, the template is calcined to obtain silica hollow sphere with the mesoporous channel. Through changing the content of SDS, the synthesis of different size of silica hollow spheres with the mesoporous channel can be controlled. The invention has a simple process and a low cost; the mesoporous shell thickness and the pore diameter of the prepared silica hollow sphere with the mesoporous channel can be controlled in a large range; the invention is beneficial to the internal and external transmission of guest molecules; the invention also improves the reserves of guest molecules, which realizes the controlled release effectively.
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